Management Consulting

The first step out of the gate has to be knowing where you want to end up. What do you really want from your company?

Stan Slap

The first step out of the gate has to be knowing where you want to end up. What do you really want from your company?

Stan Slap

   What is management consulting?

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations identify root causes of issues to improve their performance by finding new, more streamlined ways of doing things. As part of our management consulting services, we evaluate a company’s organizational structure, the skills and performance of its leadership team, and its business model. We also review a company’s existing processes and business systems to see where they can be more efficient. We then provide the organization’s leadership with work management solutions that we can implement for them, or that they could implement internally or with another consultant.

   Who can benefit from management consulting?


Organizations of most any size can benefit from management consulting. We routinely work with growing startups, emerging businesses, and more established companies to help refine their people, process, and technology systems.

The organizations who often benefit most from management consulting have an identified business challenge that they haven’t been able to resolve with internal resources or other consultants; however, sometimes our clients simply know that there’s something not going well, even if they can’t quite articulate it. In either case, our cross-generational team can identify root causes and find the solution that works for you.

   What is the CrossGen Solutions process?


When working with a new partner, we first ensure a thorough understanding of the issue and indicators of potential problems, then review the company’s existing processes and business systems to identify and confirm root causes. Often, this process involves narrowing in on one particular process or system that is causing our clients to lose revenue, have narrower profit margins, or miss opportunities.

Our cross-generational team reviews most or all aspects of a business in order to determine which people, process, or technology systems to address, and in which order, according to cost-benefit analysis. From there, our consultants provide practical, realistic solutions, including actionable plans, that our clients can implement to improve their performance and grow their business.

Although we are aware of industry best practices, we also recognize that these practices may not work for every client organization. Instead, we treat each client as a unique entity and customize our recommendations and solutions based on what our client needs. Our management consultants have expertise in two or more of our other service offerings, and our junior consultants have focused studies and/or application in at least one service offering. This experience and expertise empower all our team members to provide practical solutions, regardless your particular situation. If a highly specialized consultant is required, such as a strategic planner in a specific industry, we have a large network of consultants upon which to draw.